Cronos was born on this island paradise called TAHITI. From drawing Disney “Lion’s King” to impress girls at primary school to his first solo art exhibition at the Winkler gallery, he made his way through many others art relative activities. Graffiti, computer graphics, created his own clothing brand (Tropical Vision) and working with other local brands. Fine Art Paintings is just another way to make this tropical life even better. Always trying to take the positive way of everything.

me– Cronos –  » My art feeds me… both in the literal and figurative senses.“

This website is a chance to share his island/street mix kind of art works. A Polynesian vision with a hint of street culture. Relax and enjoy 😉

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me : cronosstyle@gmail.com
Or directly to the Galerie Winkler in Papeete TAHITI.